5 days until Toy Show!

Time to start getting ready for the big toy show by picking up your treats. Why not try out our American sweet collection here at Mr Duffys! Available online and in store. 

Marshmallow fluff recipe idea’s!

Did you know there are many different ways to use Fluff? Like the famous fluffernutter sandwich which is actually written on the jars! With Fluff you can also make ice cream, dessert quesadillas, rocky road fudge, pumpkin ‘whoopie’ pies and so much more. Why not try out a new recipe and get your jar of FLUFF here! Available online and in store. 

Reese’s mini cups

Callikg all peanut butter lovers. Our creamy Reese’s cups have arrived back in stock unwrapped and mini easily addictive too easy to pick at!! Make sure to grabs yours online or instore !!!

The Kit Kat Craze

Check out this irresistible Kit Kat cereal. Indulge in the perfect combination of crunchy cereal and delicious Kit Kat flavor. It's a breakfast treat that will make your mornings even sweeter! 🍫🥣

October treats

Making an entrance into October with a variety of Halloween themed treats. The countdown to Halloween starts now with 30 days to go! Here in MrDuffys we’ve got all the sweet treats you need to get you through the halloween season starting now so make sure you pop in store or online for yours!! 

Pure Pumpkin

As we step in to the autumn season and the countdown to Halloween begins we’ve got you covered with a taste of autumn with our Mississippi Belle pure pumpkin. Be sure to get yours online or instore @mrduffys

Toxic waste

Why not try and test your taste buds with these toxic waste sour candy? Choose from yellow, red or the nuclear fusion flavour. These hazardously sour candy are sure to leave your eyes watering! Shop in store or online 


These new habanero lime noodles are great for a snack or an easy to make dinner! Eat them how they come or add your own twist. Available online and in store.



We now have three new flavours of drink mix’s, perfect for on the go! We have skittles original, tropical punch and wild berry. Available online and in store. 

Lutti Tubble Gum

Enjoy our Tutti Tubble Gum in a range of different flavours. Our bubblegum is available in Cherry, Tutti Frutti and Raspberry, so you’re sure to find something to your taste !! From its mouthwatering flavors to the incredible bubble-blowing fun, this gum is a must-have for any candy lover. Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and have a blast with every chew! 🍬💫

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