It’s all about Joe

Nestle’s Joe wafer have come into stock here in Mr Duffy’s and we couldn’t be more excited!! Coming in six flavours these thick chocolate coated wafers melt in your mouth and leave a unforgettable taste in your mouth. Shop in-store or online to get yours ❤️

Worms sour & chewy candy

Toxic Waste gummy worms are every bit of sour and chewy! Coated in a mouth-puckering sour outside with a sweet finish. Available online and in store!

Takis nacho xplosion

Each crisp and crunchy piece of rolled tortilla delivers a blast of cheesy, zesty and irresistible nacho flavour that tingles your taste buds  Available online and in store!

Takis sweet chili

 Each crisp and crunchy bite of the new rolled tortilla chips is filled with spicy sweet chili flavour combination that tingles your taste buds.Available online and in store !

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers

Try out all the different types and flavours of jolly rancher’s. We have sour, gummy’s, hard candies  and more! Available online and in store. 

Sour patch kids red, white and blue

If you want a candy that's true, To the red, white, and blue, Grab a box of Sour Patch Kids, And let the sour-sweetness ensue!Available online and in store!


Why not treat yourself to one of our three new flavours of Cheetos. We have cheese flavoured,cheese with ketchup flavoured Cheetos and green onion flavoured onion rings. Available online and instore while stocks last ! 
M&M’s Cookies back in stock!

M&M’s Cookies back in stock!

The delicious M&M’s mini cookies are back in store! Perfect to grab and go as a quick treat, or get a few bags to stock up on, either way you’re sure to enjoy these bite-size cookies! 

Back in stock

Macaroni &cheese is back !

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for a taste you never outgrow! Simple to make and 'cheesy' to eat. The big original cheese flavour with classic macaroni shapes. Keep a box handy for a great side dish.

Limited edition Pringles

Two new flavours of Pringles have arrived Italian style pepperoni pizza and New York style cheeseburger. These are a limited edition so hurry while stocks last !!  Available in store and online. 

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