Pop Tarts

Here at mr Duffy’s we have a wide range of pop tart flavours. Choose from yummy chocolate fudge or add some fruitiness to your day with crisp apple flavour! Whatever you prefer you are sure to find a flavour to start your day off right! Shop in store or online

Cookie Dough Bites

These cookie dough bites are the perfect twist on traditional cookies. Ranging from fudge brownie to birthday cake bites you are sure to find a flavour that makes your taste buds smile! Shop in store or online

Lickedy Lips

The forever popular lickedy lips are now back in stock here at Mr.Duffy’s. Why not reward yourself with this tasty treat after a long Monday? Shop in store or online


THE Marvellous Milk Duds

Milk duds have forever been a crowd favourite here at Mr Duffys. And now they are available not just in a theatre box but a carton AND a packet too!! What luck :) Shop in-store or online to get your milk duds ☺️

Crisp selection!!

Here at Mr Duffy’s we have a delicious crisp selection. Choose from the popular Cheetos crunchy, original fritos, Andy Capp’s as well as many more. Available online and in store

New drinks

Sunkist berry lemonade, Arizona energy, Canada Dry cranberry, Gatorade zero sugar…these are just a few of the delicious new drinks we have in stock at Mr Duffy’s 🥤

No Bull… just tasty treats !!

Just in! The new no bull treats are one of a kind with many appetising snacks including corn puffs, peanuts marshmallow cookies and biscuits and finally crispy sticks. Why not pop in and give them a try? 

Cheetos crunchy back in stock!

The long awaited announcement- Cheetos crunchy snacks are now back in stock at Mr Duffy’s! Grab a bag before they’re all gone, available online and in store 🧀

Andy Capp’s snacks

At Mr Duffy’s we have Andy Capp’s delicious oven baked corn and potato snacks. Come on in and try the cheddar fries or hot fries, available online and in store!

Mike & Ike

Here at Mr Duffy’s we stock the popular American candy ‘Mike and Ike’ in a wide range of flavours. We have Jolly Joes, original, tropical typhoon and many more. Did you know that Mike and Ikes have made 

celebrity TV appearances in Stranger Things, Jurassic World, Everybody Loves Raymond, 30 Rock, Family Guy, 13 Reasons Why?

Availble online and in store 

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