Goldfish Crackers

Here at mr Duffy’s we have a range of flavours of the popular goldfish crackers! Choose from cheddar, colours and s’mores. Shop in store or online

Snack Pots

Here at Mr. Duffy’s we have a variety of snack pot flavours. Choose from Fanta grape, sour patch redberry as well as sour patch blue raspberry. Shop in store or online

Christmas sharing jars

Here at Mr Duffy’s we have a great selection of sharing jars, perfect for a Christmas present! Available online and in store 🎅

Brand new Xmas treats!

Here at Mr Duffy’s sweet shop we have a delightful new range of Xmas treats. Why not try snowball whoppers, Mike and Ike merry mix, snowball gobstoppers and many more?! Available both online and in store 🎅

Jolly rancher gummies boxes

Here at Mr Duffy’s we have handy 99g boxes of the popular jolly rancher gummy candy! We have sours and original flavours as well as the Xmas variety, available online and instore 🎅


New Mac and cheese, pancake and waffle mix and pure pumpkin now in! Available online and in store. 


Come try our new Christmas candy canes. We have Funfetti, Nerds and airheads flavours. Available online and in store. 

Five Festive Days of the Toyshow: Final Day !

To wrap up our five festive days of the Toyshow, we’ve gone with a range of different cookies. This wide range of cookies including M&m bite size and large cookies, bounty cookies and two types of ideals is a perfect snack to nibble on during the toy show !

Five Festive Days of the Toyshow: Day 4

Day four’s festive treat is the pick n mix ! Mr Duffys pic n mix has a range of different sweets suitable for all ages. You can pick out your own treats and put them into different bags in order to prevent the fighting :). Shop instore or online 

Five Festive Days of the Toy Show: Day Three

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