Surprisingly Vegan American treats!

For all you vegetarians and vegans out there, here at Mr Duffys we know how difficult it is to get sweets you can eat especially from other countries. So to hEli you out, here’s a list of vegan treats you may not know about!

~Unfrosted pop tarts 

Every new vegan knows the feeling of finding out that pop tarts have gelatine in them. But strangely enough the unfrosted poptarts have no gelatine in them ! So take your pick of two flavours strawberry or blueberry and enjoy these Jammy delights 

~Sour Patch Kids  

Gelatine free and utterly delicious, this sour and sweet gummy candy is a beloved favorite . And fortunately sour patch watermelons are vegan too!



A surprise to all, these red twisted vines are vegan. They come in a range of different flavours but the dyes used are fruit and vegetables extracts!


Swedish Fish 

These fish shaped candies come in a number of different flavours with no gelatine in sight ! 

~Jolly Ranchers 

All standard flavours of the fruity jolly ranchers brand are vegan! 



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