View all +fc +TGI 102g 113g 119g 128g 19g 2 flavours in 1 200ml 20g 226g 227g 24g 255g 268g 283g 29g 32g 330ml 35.7 g 400g 40g 43g 46g 473ml 5 50g 52g 591ml 60g 65g 66g 710ml 85g 92g 99g after dinner aid airheads Almond american and cheesy Andy Andy Capp Apple apple and pear apple bonbon apples and pears Arizona Arizona green tea awesome baby pop bag ball's Banana bandai barley barratt bazooka bbq berries Berry big big red biscuit bites black black current blast blow your candy blue raspberry Blueberry boiled bold bonbon booms bottles bourbon Brach brachs brain breakfast Brownie bubble gum Bubblegum buffalo wings bun burger caddy calypso Canada candy candy can candy corn candy spray candy tasty cap Caramel Carolina cartoon cereal characters cheddar cheese cheestix Cheetos cherries cherry chew chewing candy Chewing Gum chewy Chewy Candy chile Chili chilli chips Chocolate chocolate box Chupa chups cinnamon clove cloves cocoa coconut coke cola colourful cookie cookie and cream Cookies cookies n creme cool corn corn snacks Cotton Candy Cranberry creamy Creme Soda crisp crisps crispy Cruchy Candy crunchy crush cubes cup custard d dark Dark Chocolate delicious dentyne dip Doritos double chocolate double sour Dr Pepper dr sour drink Drinks drop a duds egg everlasting Everton every extreme sour fanta fat free fire fish Fix fizzy flamin hot flash pop flavour flavoured foam fountain freekee freeze freezies fresh Fridays fries Frito fritos frost frosted Frosting fruit fruity Fudge fudge creamy full flavour fun fun dip furuta galactic Gatorade giant Gift vouchers ginger ale Ginseng glacier glico gobstoppers golden ticket Grape green green apple Green tea grubs gum gumballs Gummi gummies gummy Gunmi Halloween hard hard boiled Hard Candy hata hazardous Herr's herrs Hershey's hi-chew Honey honeycomb hot hot fries hubba bubba Iced Tea ike jalapeño Jalepeno Japan Japanese jar jars jawbreaker Jellies jellies sushi jelly Jelly Beans jelly's Jellys Johnny bee jolly jolly rancher juice juicy kids kids candy kids toy kisses kiwi Koko kool kool aid Kraft Laffy Taffy laser Lay Lemon lemon bonbon lemonade lik-m-aid Lime Lingonberry liquorice lollipop long lasting lotte lucky charms lutti luxurious Luxury lychee M&M's mac Mac and cheese mac n cheese mac n' cheese macaroni and cheese machine made with real sugar mallows Mango maple maple nougat mario marshmallow marshmallows matcha mega mix melon mickey and Minnie Mike milk Milk Chocolate mini tubes mint minty miss Mississippi belle mix mixed Mixed Fruit morinaga mr Duffy's mr Duffys mr Duffy’s mr squeezy pop Munchies mystery nerds nestle new no bull Nougat ocean blue oil onion orange original pancake party bites pastry patch peach peanut peanut butter Peanuts pear pears Pearsons peg peloty pepero Pepsi Percy pez pick n mix pieces pig Pineapple pink pizza Pocky Pokemon pomegranate pop pop tarts Popping Candy pops popular powder powderd pretzel Pringles pumkin pie filling pumpkin pie pumpkins Punccho rainbow rainbow flavours raisin Ramune ranch rancher Raspberry rattlerz real chocolate milk real milk chocolate reaper red vines reds reese's reeses refresh refreshing retro rhubarb rings roasted peanuts roll rolo root beer rope rose gold rosey rum Russian roulette salted caramel salty Savoury selection share share jars sharing sherbet sherbet fountain shot skull shock smoothie snack snack factory snacks Snowy Soda soft Soft Candy soft drink soft drinks sonic soothing Sour sour apple sour madness candy sour patch sour patch kids sparkle sparkling sparkling soda Spider-Man stawberry Stax sticks Strawberry sugar free sun chips sunny sunny d super super mario suppai surprise Swedish sweet sweetarts sweetner sweets swigle Swiss syrup taffy tails tangy tangy original tasty TGI Fridays theatre toffee toffees topps toxic toy traditional tray treat treats Tropical twin UHA unicorn unsweetened up vanilla vanilla nougat very Berry vibrant walker's walkers warhead warheads watermelon welchs wheel white Wildberry wine gums wonka wrigleys yogurt yoohoo zed zero calorie zero sugar zingy zombies
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